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I feel that the service that SCFS has provided has been very helpful. Even though given our particular circumstance I have not had any great amount of savings financially, I have saved an enormous amount of anxiety. I was provided information, structure and support to fully understand my options. They have provided timely support and structure to get the information in and submitted for the FASFA form and guidance and support in optimizing my son's financial package. Even though our situation financially and college choice wise has been fairly simple, having the support of SCFS has provided me with significant peace of mind that, given our hectic life, nothing would fall through the cracks. The staff has all been courteous, well organized, supportive and accommodating. I highly recommend this service.

~ The Belgrad Family

We heard about Strategic College Funding Solutions through a seminar we attended. With four children set to attend college within the next few years – ages 18, 16, 15 and 12 – the financial burden seemed daunting, but we promised to give them each four years. Our first meeting with Dan was a little shocking. Although we had some money put away we had never really taken a good look at our financial picture and had some changes to make. Dan set out a course of action that we have continued to follow and now things are looking pretty good and we feel we can make good on that promise. I felt a pretty good relationship with the ladies in the office. They kept us very well informed and gently prompted us for information we had forgotten. To be honest, this was one of the primary reasons I wanted to go with this service. I'm terrible with deadlines and I was afraid I would miss something important. I felt this alone was worth the cost of the service.

Well, we made all our deadlines and received offers from several schools. Andrew's first choice was Allegheny. I forwarded their offer to SCFS who after reviewing it believed it to be a little less than Andrew was worth, so they compiled a letter on our behalf requesting additional monies – another service they provide. The college came back and gave us another $1100. Andrew is all set to go to Allegheny this fall, and soon we will be bringing our daughter Julie online with SCFS. I appreciate the tips of the week; I have even forwarded these to the kids’ email. In all I think it's been money well spent, and I know we didn't even use all the services they provide.

~ The Copenhaver Family

This past spring we received a financial aid award letter from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida where my son Timothy wished to enroll as a member of the class of 2013. He was also considering several other schools from whom he had gained both acceptance and offers for financial assistance. Although I thought the Rollins award was generous and possibly as substantial as we could hope for, I decided to vet it with SCFS, with whom we have been clients for several years with older children, as a matter of good financial management. Not only did they respond quickly and decisively, but the staff suggested a strategy for increasing the "grant" part of the award and composed a letter to the financial aid office at Rollins to that purpose. I subsequently received a new award letter from Rollins with a significant increase in the "grant" portion of the award. Their analysis of the initial award and management of the request for an increase was timely, professional and ultimately successful. In these challenging economic times, it is essential that every family marshal their resources prudently; SCFS allowed us the opportunity to have our son attend the college of his choice without the entire anticipated financial burden.

~ The Simpson Family

We are very busy small business owners, and after hearing how time consuming the college process is, we were interested in some help.

What began as a time crunch issue evolved into the realization of how little we really knew about finding the right college for our daughters at a price that we could afford.

We had graduated from college 20 years ago and were struck at how much the process had changed, especially in terms of financial aid and the skyrocketing costs.

The resources available through SCFS are unsurpassed. From use of the Discover website to research colleges according to various criteria, to the Student Interview, our children were given opportunities to easily gauge their interest in different schools and majors.

The Discover program is so easy to use and the information you can save to reflect each child’s personal interests in schools, majors, and careers are phenomenal. Prior to using this resource we were making our own lists that would always get lost or compiled haphazardly. With the Discover program, all of your child’s information is at your fingertips. You can log in any time of the day or night to work on it or update.

The counselors are fantastic at getting specific schools’ financial aid information to us and answering any additional questions. We saw a big difference between how well versed we became in the process compared to our friends that didn’t use SCFS.

When it came time for our oldest daughter’s award package review we would never have known if it was a “fair” award or not without the guidance of the SCFS counselors. They were awesome at working with us, reviewing each award and advising us on appeals.

Because of their advice, our daughter ended up with a phenomenal award package to her top college choice. She told us she would have been “okay” attending one of the other schools on her list but now she is “extremely excited” to start college this fall! We are so happy for her! Thank you SCFS - it works!!

~ The Grieshammer Family

I found many of SCFS's services to be "most" helpful. Speaking with the financial aid advisor and the filing of all documents in a timely manner was only the beginning. Their rapid response to any and all of my emails was simply amazing. No matter how ludicrous my questions seemed to me, SCFS always made me feel that I was totally involved and asking the right things. Not only were my questions answered but there was always a detailed explanation that went above and beyond what I believed to be their call of duty. Very often I asked for their advice (opinion) rather than just facts and they always supported their suggestions. The proof reading of letters, documents, and forms was also a very appreciated service. I have a younger daughter and I plan on using SCFS in the future for both of my children. I was very pleased with all of SCFS's services and financially they saved us a substantial amount of money (much more than their fee) which truly enabled our son to attend his first choice.

~ The Burns Family

We sought the advice of Strategic College Funding Solutions in order to receive the best financial aid package for our children’s college education. My husband and I always strive to buy only what we can pay for and minimize our debt. As a result, we live modestly but what we have is paid for. When we began to research financial aid opportunities, we discovered that our financial lifestyle worked totally against us. Our college funding advisor at Strategic College Funding Solutions helped our family to rearrange our assets. In doing so, we were able to create a financial image that colleges would look at when distributing financial aid. As a result, (and in addition to our children’s excellent academic achievements), we were able to send them to top-notch schools which otherwise would never have been a possibility.

Another way we benefited from our service specialists at Strategic College Funding Solutions was their review of our financial award letters from the schools. They were reviewed and an appeal letter was written for us to send to the colleges. This helped in securing additional aid which we otherwise would not have received. Our concerns and questions were always addressed quickly and courteously. Every person I’ve dealt with has been very helpful and professional.

All families have their own unique set of circumstances which affect their FAFSA information and aid entitlements. The specialists at Strategic College Funding Solutions are experts in knowing how the financial award systems work. They can make suggestions specific to each situation which can definitely make dreams come true.

~ The Pavisich Family

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