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We have helped hundreds of families throughout the years create and protect financial wealth. With over 40+ years of combined experience in the Financial Services industry, we felt that there were no "true" specialists in the College Funding arena. We discovered that there was a ton of misinformation in the industry and the media with regards to college planning that was causing familes - just like yours - to spend thousands more for college then was necessary! We decided to strictly focus our practice on this area and since, have become nationwide experts in "late-stage" College Planning.

By attending one of our workshops, families - no matter what category they fall into - will learn the '9 New Ways to Beat The High Cost of College'! Our workshops cover many topics, including how to double or even triple eligibility for college funding, how to locate and apply for every need-based scholarship, grant and low-interest loan that the student will be eligible for, how to pick the colleges that will give you the best overall package, and even how to know when you weren't awarded a fair offer and what you can do about it!

No time is too early to start planning! If you know someone who has a Sophomore, Junior or Senior in high school, please advise them of our services. They cannot afford to miss one of our valuable workshops! It could literally save them thousands upon thousands of dollars!

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