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We have helped hundreds of families throughout the years create and protect financial wealth. With over 40+ years of combined experience in the Financial Services industry, we felt that there were no "true" specialists in the College Funding...


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From the rising cost of college to the complex rules and regulations of college financing, there's no shortage of challenges facing students planning to go to college.

It's no wonder that students - and their parents - are ...


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Our Free Workshops provide insightful, straightforward facts you need to know to receive the most money you possibly can to combat the astronomical college expenses.

Don't miss out on learning what most parents never get the chance to discover about how to save thousands on their children's college education!

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I feel that the service that SCFS has provided has been very helpful. Even though given our particular circumstance I have not had any great amount of savings financially, I have saved an enormous amount of anxiety....


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